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Lake Washington Home

Mercer Island


 Northwest Outdoor Lighting was recently hired to update the lamped fixtures of this Lake Washington multi-million-dollar mansion and bring them into the 21st century.  We created a new design that enhanced the structure, landscaping and art that surrounds this mansion.


The front entrance of this mansion now has 40 LED integrated fixtures highlighting the tall Palms, Japanese Red Maples and porte-cochere marble statue.  Due to the 360-degree viewing potential around this statue, it was critical to keep light glare to a minimum.  For this, we used 9 mini spotlights with a 1” diameter.  This allows for full illumination coverage of the statue from all angles while the petite fixtures are tucked into the lower part of the structure-barely visible.   This mansion now has a grand presence when arriving at the front gate.


We were also asked to address the 150’ dock so that guests could enjoy nighttime boating and sunset watching.  We also installed low profile fixtures asymmetrically along both sides of dock creating a serpentine wash effect.  Additionally, the fire pit now has a welcoming glow effect, creating a space for guests to gather and enjoy the nighttime ambiance.  Over 40 fixtures were installed across the rear of the estate, creating a luxurious environment for entertainment and relaxation.

  • "Our home is far more secure and stunningly attractive at night. We receive compliments frequently and love to share about our experience with Northwest Outdoor Lighting."
    Karen T.- Seattle, WA
  • "I am so impressed with your customer service!”
    Mike L. - Kent, WA
  • "They have a very good artistic sense about what materials to use, which plants to feature, and where these lights should be placed. They are very hard working, efficient, and reliable. They are also a pleasure to work with."
    Garry P. - Snohomish, WA
  • "I have received so many compliments from neighbors who have noticed the wonderful appearance of my home!"
    Barbara C. - Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA
  • "Their attention to detail made the whole designing process easy for us.  Our yard is so beautiful now, we love coming home late at night and seeing how inviting and safe our yard looks."
    Keith & Julie - Magnolia, Seattle, WA
  • "All my friends say I have the coolest place in the Northwest!"
    Cherise – Woodinville, WA
  • "All the wires are nicely hidden and a couple of the lights are in locations that we are actually a bit baffled how they managed to do the install without leaving a trace."
    Jennifer C. - Renton, WA
  • "The landscape lighting really makes a tremendous difference. Your work was perfection!"
    Stan - Kirkland, WA
  • "If you want lighting and you want it done with excellence and lasting results, you would be well served to work with Northwest Outdoor Lighting."
    Karen T. - Bothell, WA
  • "I really appreciate your annual maintenance service!"
    Henri - Medina, Bellevue, WA
  • "I can't recommend NWOL highly enough! Their work was absolutely excellent quality, they were fast and the project was reasonably priced."
    Jane D. - Mercer Island, WA
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