Technology – How Do I Get Off This Train?

We recently met a client whose home is automated, and he has no idea how to turn the lights on.  We were trying to make repairs to his existing system and had to run extension cords to the one outlet that had power.  He now needs to call a technician to update his control board and get a lesson on how to operate the controls!

About a decade ago, when many of our clients were switching to full house automation, it was exciting to think you could be away from home or sitting on the couch and control a lamp.  Alas, with so much technology come learning curves.  Instead of flipping on a switch, our clients were struggling to remember the sequence of buttons to tap on their phones to get a lamp or T.V. on.  As a result, we have started hearing from numerous clients about wanting to reverse the technology in their homes, and get back to a simpler process.

We pride ourselves not just on our installation capabilities, but the fact that when it comes to technology, our lighting system is as simple as a photo cell.  For those who may be unaware, a photo cell captures light during the day and then turns on automatically when dusk settles, and will stay on until the sun starts to come up in the morning.  It couldn’t be simpler!  Many of our clients love their new LED outdoor lighting systems, and love the ease with which we can now help them control their outdoor illumination.  No switches, buttons, or apps!

Northwest Outdoor Lighting is happy to install your lighting with whatever control you’d like; we’re familiar with several different ways to control your outdoor illumination, and can advise you on the best and easiest way to make sure your system works the way you want it to. 

If you have questions; we’d love to help.

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  • "Our home is far more secure and stunningly attractive at night. We receive compliments frequently and love to share about our experience with Northwest Outdoor Lighting."
    Karen T.- Seattle, WA
  • "I am so impressed with your customer service!”
    Mike L. - Kent, WA
  • "They have a very good artistic sense about what materials to use, which plants to feature, and where these lights should be placed. They are very hard working, efficient, and reliable. They are also a pleasure to work with."
    Garry P. - Snohomish, WA
  • "I have received so many compliments from neighbors who have noticed the wonderful appearance of my home!"
    Barbara C. - Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA
  • "Their attention to detail made the whole designing process easy for us.  Our yard is so beautiful now, we love coming home late at night and seeing how inviting and safe our yard looks."
    Keith & Julie - Magnolia, Seattle, WA
  • "All my friends say I have the coolest place in the Northwest!"
    Cherise – Woodinville, WA
  • "All the wires are nicely hidden and a couple of the lights are in locations that we are actually a bit baffled how they managed to do the install without leaving a trace."
    Jennifer C. - Renton, WA
  • "The landscape lighting really makes a tremendous difference. Your work was perfection!"
    Stan - Kirkland, WA
  • "If you want lighting and you want it done with excellence and lasting results, you would be well served to work with Northwest Outdoor Lighting."
    Karen T. - Bothell, WA
  • "I really appreciate your annual maintenance service!"
    Henri - Medina, Bellevue, WA
  • "I can't recommend NWOL highly enough! Their work was absolutely excellent quality, they were fast and the project was reasonably priced."
    Jane D. - Mercer Island, WA
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