Retrofit LED Bulbs

Recently there has been a discussion online about retro fitting Led bulbs into standard landscape lighting sockets.  This is not a good idea for many reasons.

1. The small amount of heat in the driver (yes, LED does produce some heat) will burn out an inferior socket, which is used in many bulbs, and cause failure.  The many ribs you see on LED bulbs are called fins – this is the manufacturer’s idea to release heat from within the bulb.  Unfortunately, when you place this bulb inside an enclosed fixture there really is no heat sink.  The heat therefore sits within the fixture and bulb, shortening the life of the bulb.  This will lead to frustration on the consumers end, a bad reputation on the lighting company’s end and a waste of money and time for both.  The better option is to replace the whole fixture with an LED fixture designed for outdoor use. 

2. Our LED fixtures are designed to eliminate failure by placing the driver away from the heat source.  A high quality 60/61 aircraft grade aluminum or brass fixture which has been specifically designed for outdoor use along with an engineered specific diode is a fixture you can count on.   Your overall cost of replacement will be less over time compared to multiple replacement bulbs.

3. In order for a company to produce mass quantities of LED bulbs for a cheap price, shortcuts must be taken.  Cheaper parts are installed in the driver and diodes.  It is a known fact, cheap products don’t last.  We are all intrigued that LED bulbs are to last for many years; unfortunately your definition of illuminating may be different from your manufacturer.  You see an LED bulb has what is call “hot” lumens and “cold” lumens.  When an LED bulb is first illuminated, it’ll appear nice and bright- this is “cold” lumens.  Once it warms up the intensity falls off – this is “hot” lumens.  So you can see that a cheaper LED bulb may still be illuminating after a year or two, but the intensity will be quite different from when you first installed it.

The Better Option

The better option is to replace the whole halogen fixture with an LED fixture designed for landscape lighting.  LED fixtures are engineered for outdoor use.  LED fixtures operate equally as efficient in wet or dry locations and designed for a wide range of heat & cold climates.   Color tone remains consistent for the life of the product – 20 years!  There is no UV damage that occurs and a large heat sync reduces operating temperature resulting in longer life. These fixtures are specifically designed to eliminate failure by placing the driver away from the heat source.  EMI protection is built into the LED fixture to protect against electrical interference.  Your overall cost of replacement will be less compared to multiple replacement bulbs over time. 

 With our LED fixtures they are designed to have consistent lumens, little difference between “hot” and “cold” and components that are of the highest quality for longest life usage. 

When NW Outdoor Lighting installs your LED fixtures you can rest assured that you are getting the best products on the market, properly installed and customer service that meets all your needs. 

With incredible products, incredible service and a great design you’ll have an outdoor lighting system that will give you many years of trouble-free illumination! 

Contact us today if you’d like to “see” the difference!

We’ll stop by some evening and temporarily set them up and you’ll know why our LED fixtures are the only way to go!

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    Cherise – Woodinville, WA
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    Jennifer C. - Renton, WA
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